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Hiking – Kyparissi Laconia

Parnonas is a mountain, 1934m high. which separates Laconia from Arcadia. Mount Parnonas ends in Laconia and its end is Cape Maleas (kavomalia). Malevos is his middle name. In the post-occupation years, its inhabitants moved to and from the villages of Elos for work. Today its villages are deserted and only come alive in the summer months. The Holy Monastery of Panagia Eloni is the connecting link between Elos and Parnonas, as the name of the Monastery comes from the name of Elos.

Routes in the mountain: 7, Routes in Kyparissi 2, Routes to PARNONA – Ht. 1934 AD

Parnonas has several more high peaks with an altitude of more than 1700 meters, such as Psari, Prophet Ilias, Gaitanorrahi and Korombilia, as well as the lowest Koulohera.