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Climbing – Kyparissi Laconia

Kyparissi is a beautiful isolated village, on the east coast of the Peloponnese between Leonidio (in the North) and Monemvasia (in the South). The village is really where “the road ends”, about 5 hours drive from Athens. It was even isolated from the rest of Greece until 1970, when it was connected by road to Sparta. In the past, access to the village was only possible by a path from the mountain or by ferry from Piraeus. In 2002, the ferry connection was also interrupted and only the difficult road from Sparta remained, the last ten kilometers of which take the breath away even for climbers, since they pass between rocky slopes with continuous cliffs lurking at the edge.

Kyparrissi is an authentic village, with a unique land and island character at the same time

Kyparissi is crowned all around by continuous bands of rock, some rather exaggerated describe it as 2-3 Céüse or as half of Kalymnos, gathered amphitheatrically above the beautiful village and the sea.

A very important project started to be implemented since last spring (2015) in Kyparissi: the creation of about 120 new climbing routes, which are expected to be a pole of attraction for climbers, mainly in spring and autumn. The goal is, in the first phase, to attract 20-50 climbers to the area on an almost permanent basis during the spring and autumn months, which will positively change the face of Cypress by bringing life to the usually deserted roads in these seasons and work in all related businesses. In neighboring Leonidio, climbing tourism has already begun to have a particularly positive impact on the local economy, while the direct connection of the two areas with the new road will contribute spectacularly to the mobility of climbers. The creation of the climbing fields is implemented by the mountain guide Aris Theodoropoulos ( with his team with the cooperation of the Municipality of Monemvasia and the Bodosakis endowment. (

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